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Antibody Test 

Most insurances are currently covering at 100% for testing 

Selfpay for antibody testing: $55.00

Serum Antibody: Administered via a blood sample.


The COVID-19 IgG-IgM antibody test is a blood test that may identify a previous infection of SARS-CoV-2. This test should be taken at least 14 days after exposure or 7 days after symptoms end.


Most insurances are currently covering at 100% for testing 

Selfpay for PCR Testing: $100.00

PCR Test: Administered via a nasal swab.


If you think you may have been exposed, or might currently have COVID-19, you may need a viral test, which identifies the current SARS-CoV-2 infection in your body. PCR is the gold standard of viral testing and may be required prior to receiving certain surgeries, or traveling. The PCR test uses a shallow swab to collect a sample from the nose and returns results in 24-48hrs.

Please note:

Appointments are scheduled every 10 minutes. If you are scheduling for more than 2 people, please schedule in two time slots or more according to the number of people needing an appointment.

    *Medicaid * Sooner Care*

Must have a referral from a health care provider in order to be test for COVID at AEL Labs. If you have a referral please fax it to 

Fax: 405-253-5816 

NOW taking Insurance for COVID-19  Testing. AEL will file your insurance for you.

Analytical Edge is now offering COVID-19  testing by appointment at our Lab testing site. For more information please click on the menu link COVID-19 Testing. 

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LCMS Confirmations For Positive Drug Screens
This comprehensive testing provides a great deal of insight about the substances in a patient’s system and assists in guiding the treatment of a patient
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Analytical Edge Labs  is a CLIA-certified laboratory offering professional Clinical Testing Services

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AEL is a state of the art clinical laboratory that blends the latest methods to provide comprehensive toxicology testing. Our unparalleled professional experience using our technology this is design behind our cutting edge (LC-MS/MS) methods that exceeds the industry standards

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AEL LABS understands the need for your practice to remain compliant to government and DEA regulations. You can rest assured that we will guide and educate you throughout the entire process. Our staff will walk alongside you, every step of the way. We are a Oklahoma-based company with broad expertise in local regulations in the state in addition to across the nation.


Our proven results at AEL LABS is the culmination of the efforts from our staff of experts in their field. From the highest quality methods in toxicology testing and drug monitoring, to the thorough understanding of State and Federal requirements, AEL LABS is the leading source for all your toxicology testing needs.


AEL LABS stands out among our peers because of our expertise, understanding of our clients’ needs and the continuing support that our clients receive. We understand the importance of drug monitoring for patients on potentially harmful narcotics. Our services will allow  physicians to become more effective and efficient in the process.

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